Molly, The Therapy Dog

I always enjoy introducing you to my friends. Today I'd like to introduce you to Molly.

On an 18-degree night, Molly was dumped on a Mt. Juliet road. She was rescued and put up for adoption. Marilyn and Ron Leonard adopted Molly and eventually had her trained by Canines for Christ. Molly has been trained to stay calm and obedient so she can comfort people.

Ron has a military background and decided Molly would have a patriotic focus. Ron, Marilyn, and Molly minister to Military men and women on a daily basis. Their goal for 2016 is to equip churches to reach out to National Guard and Reserve units. They would like prayer to fulfill God's call on their lives.

Molly is not a service dog but a therapy dog. Her main goal is to calm and comfort people. Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs can be petted. That's part of her ministry to comfort people.

Here's a quote from Ron. "Twenty-two Veterans tragically take their lives in America everyday. My wife Marilyn and along with our therapy dog Molly minister to our Military men and women on daily basis."

Molly has just gone over her 600th visit as a certified therapy dog!

If you'd like more information on Molly, Ron, and Marilyn, you can find them on Facebook.

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