It's a Dog's Life

I asked some friends what they thought of when they heard the phrase, it's a dog's life. Here are some of the replies I got.

Relaxed. Fun. Stress free. Eat when you want and sleep when you want.

Saturday night after a week full of stress, Tim and I found ourselves walking Heinz. We deviated from our normal pattern and ended up at Centennial Park.

We continued walking to the Mackenzie Sayre Dog Park.

We entered the area for small dogs and let Heinz off his leash. The park opened in the fall in memory of Makenzie Sayre, a sweet young woman we had the privilege of knowing for years.

The week's stress began to roll off our shoulders as we enjoyed watching Heinz run, sniff, and enjoy his freedom.

Next time you're feeling stressed, I hope you can find the time to go for a walk. And don't forget, it's a dog's life.