Made in the USA by Veterans

We've had a problem with bees this spring on our back deck. They are not honey bees, but wood bees. I actually never knew they existed until we moved into our current home. We discovered the best way to swat at them was with a tennis racket, but that gets tiresome.

Yesterday Tim went to Southern States and bought a Wood Bee Gone Trap. I was so excited to see it was made by veterans right here in Jessamine County.

The traps are made at Chrisman Mill Farms.

I visited their website and discovered they make picnic tables and benches for children. The men who started this company are veterans. They sacrificed their lives for us. It was a privilege to support their business, and I wish them luck in the future.

Chrisman Mills Farms is a company created by veterans, and they have my support! Thank you gentleman for serving our country, and thank you for giving us an option to buy products Made in the USA!

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