Vacation Plans

When you plan a vacation, do you plan clothes, sunscreen, maps, and a list of places where you have reservations? Once when I was growing up, we went to Florida with extended family. Part of the trip involved Disney World. When we went to check into the resort, the clerk told us we were a day late. There were quite a few unhappy campers after we received that news, but it all worked out.

If I can't find time to read on vacation, I feel like I've been ripped off. I buy books ahead of time to make sure I'll have something good to read. When I went to Spain, I loaded my Kindle so I wouldn't have the added weight and I read on the plane, in airports, and in our down time.

In this picture, my backpack is stuffed with more than my Kindle for a weekend trip to London.

I also enjoy visiting bookstores when I'm on vacation. You never know what treasures you'll find like a local author who has written stories on the area.

This year Tim and I are heading back to Holden Beach, NC after years of visiting other places. I've already picked my books out and they are packed along with my travel Bible and devotional book. I even bought two books for Tim in case he wants to read. So, I'm ready and counting down the days.

Tim likes to take sports stuff like bocce ball and Kadima. It's good that we balance each other out. I encourage him to relax, and he encourages me to exercise.

I'd love to hear what you enjoy taking on vacation.