Grandparents' Day

Last week Bill told me Grandparents' Day was this week. Even though Brooke is six years old, I first thought about my parents. And then it hit me, Tim and I were the grandparents invited to Brooke's school for lunch.

Today we signed in at school and paid for our lunch. I saw another grandmother down the hall with a BIG bag of food from Panera. Brooke loves Panera and I felt like I had failed her. Soon my daughter-in-law arrived with her mother and Allie. Tim got stuck in traffic by a train, but we all made it to the lunchroom in time for lunch.

Brooke walked us through the line, and we sat down to eat.

We talked and ate and had a good time even though we hadn't brought food from Panera.

Afterwards we traced our hands on the table cloth.

Right before we left, we took our picture with Brook and Allie and Libby Benge, also known as Granny to the girls.