Robert and Norma Noe's gift to the Speed Museum-Largest Gift in the Speed's 86-year History

From the time I met Tim, I heard marvelous stories about Bob and Norma Noe. Stories about their kindness and their love for Kentucky. Bob and Norma worked in the Washington, DC area for years. He once told me they used to visit museums in different states. They returned to Kentucky in 1979 experienced in the art of collecting antiques. Soon they became collectors of Kentucky pieces. Bob said, "There is an emotional reason for collecting Kentucky objects. We are Kentuckians..." Thus began their journey to become Kentucky collectors.

The Noes generously gave their collection of early Kentucky arts, furniture and crafts to the Speed Museum in Louisville. When the Speed Museum expanded, they included a wing that mainly includes the Noes generous gift of 119 pieces.

Their generous gift includes furniture, textiles, ceramics, paintings and silver. The best Kentucky pieces are identifiable by their delicate bell-flower inlay and other inlays. The Noes passion for Kentucky and for collection Kentucky antiques and then for donating them to the museum will help preserve Kentucky's heritage for generations. Thanks to Bob and Norma Noe.

The Monuments Men

Tim and I went to see Monuments Men with some good friends the other night. I went in expecting to like it despite the ratings. It was fabulous.

These men were dedicated to saving the art works that Hitler stole as he swept across Europe.

This movie is about more than saving art, or being the world's biggest treasure hunt; it's about friendship, and doing the right thing. I'd recommend this movie to anybody. Go see it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Have you ever considered how music, art, or a good book can bring us closer to God? I wonder if God inspired these brave people to save so much art work that glorifies Him.

I think He must have been pleased with their mission.