Flag of the Week

This weeks flag is from Castine, Maine.

The day we visited Castine was on and off foggy. Last week I shared about our visit to Dyce Head Lighthouse. Castine is a charming coastal town full of charm. Maine Maritime Academy is located in Castine. It's a four-year institution for officers and engineers for the United States Merchant Marine and similar industries.

Boats moored in the water captured my attention. I've seen boats tied up at docks, but before our trip I'd never seen boats sitting in the water without occupants. I learned it's like parking your car in a parking lot. You pick your spot and take the keys with you so nobody steals your boat.

Dyce Head Lighthouse

In Castine, Maine you'll find the Dyce Head Lighthouse. (Some people spell it Dice.) This was the one lighthouse we saw on our quick trip to Maine in August.

The lighthouse is located on a peninsula on the east side of the entrance to Penobscot River. It is positioned on a natural area, and the ground are open to the public. The house is lived in and not open to visitors.

The light first shone on November 5, 1828, but it was decommissioned in 1937 and moved to a nearby skeletal tower. The tower was turned over to Castine in 1956. In 2007 a microburst knocked over the skeleton tower. After that the Coast Guard installed a light in the Dice Head tower, so the Dyce Head Lighthouse again shines.