Flag of the Week

Some people come into your life for a season. We live near Asbury Theological Seminary, and meet many people for a season. The Hogan family came when Bill retired from the Air Force, and we grew to love their family. I learned so much from Bill's Bible studies and his preaching. No doubt God's hand is on him. His wife, Rona, and I shared many laughs and a few cries through the years in our women's group. I enjoyed watching Kylie and Kasey growing up, and I still miss their family.

Today I'd like to share a quote from Kasey.

America: Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave. The land our forefathers died for. The nation our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers fight for. Yes, there have been men and women that stand beneath it who have misused it, but they are just that: people. We as people can choose to dismiss this flag as an outdated propaganda tool used to manipulate our sense of patriotism in order to achieve something less honorable. Or, We the People can choose to hoist it high and acknowledge that while men grow and wither like grass of the field, ideals and values can guide and check generations of us to become better versions of ourselves. I believe that America can have a bright future, but that choice lies in the hands of us, the people. We as individuals have a right to stand up for our beliefs, but we can do so without lashing out at others. And life is difficult, but don't let that stop you from striving to be something more. Even if you aim high and miss, it's better than never aiming at all. I hoist this flag over my head because to me, it symbolizes a desire to learn from the past, be aware in the present, and strive for a bright future. Call me a patriot, romantic, optimist, or naive fool. But at least call me an American. God bless America. ‪#‎independenceday‬ ‪#‎letfreedomring‬

Thank you Kasey, and thank you Bill for serving our country!