Made in the USA by Veterans

We've had a problem with bees this spring on our back deck. They are not honey bees, but wood bees. I actually never knew they existed until we moved into our current home. We discovered the best way to swat at them was with a tennis racket, but that gets tiresome.

Yesterday Tim went to Southern States and bought a Wood Bee Gone Trap. I was so excited to see it was made by veterans right here in Jessamine County.

The traps are made at Chrisman Mill Farms.

I visited their website and discovered they make picnic tables and benches for children. The men who started this company are veterans. They sacrificed their lives for us. It was a privilege to support their business, and I wish them luck in the future.

Chrisman Mills Farms is a company created by veterans, and they have my support! Thank you gentleman for serving our country, and thank you for giving us an option to buy products Made in the USA!

Join me on Thursday to learn more about Anthony Robinson.

Helping Our Heroes

Today I'd like to introduce you to a program dedicated to helping our military heroes.

Courage Beyond focus on serving our nation's military and their families by honoring their struggles and wounds. Their goal is to provide a safe place for healing. Courage Beyond's missions is to, "empower service members, veterans, and their loved ones by providing confidential, no-cost programs and services to help them face the challenges of life."

They have an online community, eGroups, and counseling services around the country along with a 24-hour crisis line. They focus on serving anybody who has had their life changed by military service.

If you, or someone you know, might be in need of these services call 866-781-8010.

Beth Ziarnik and "The Fourth of July in January"

I am so excited to introduce you to a lovely friend, Beth Ziarnik. We've have prayed for each other for years, and I'm so excited to have her with us today.

"The Fourth of July in January"

Thank you for inviting me to Back Porch Reflections, Jackie. You snagged my happy attention right away with your love of our country and its beautiful flag. I was raised by parents who married as a young couple during WWII. My father was a veteran, and our whole community was all about God and country.

How I enjoyed all the American Legion activities, especially on Memorial Day. Dad got up early in the morning, donned his uniform and left with other servicemen to honor our country's fallen soldiers at nearby cemeteries They decorated each grave with a small flag Then Dad played "TAPS." Later in the morning with the whole town turned out to either march in the parade or watch it, Dad again played "TAPS." The parade paused, and the memorial wreath was thrown from the middle of the bridge into the Fox River. Several vets selected for the honor fired their guns in salute, and then the sweet, mournful notes of "TAPS" floated in the quiet and gripped our hearts.

Every occasion that gives us pause to remember the sacrifice of our vets and those who guard our country is special to me. Even at ballgames when the National Anthem is played, I place my hand proudly over my heart and sing out its dear words, my heart bursting with thanksgiving for our "Land of the Free" and those who fight to keep it so.

That's why I was especially happy when the Fourth of July and all its old-fashioned celebrations in Munising, Michigan became an important part of the setting for Her Deadly Inheritance. How perfect for my debut Christian romantic suspense novel which released this month through Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

Last summer, I was also excited when I found the scarf you see me wearing in my author photo. At the time, I was just leaving ER at the Shawano Medical Center and happened by a display window for the gift shop. The next day, I bought it, knowing I'd want to wear it to my author events.

One of those events this Sunday, January 17, will celebrate the release of my novel. In keeping with it's setting (time frame wise), we're calling my book launch party "The Fourth of July in January." Patriotic music, Fourth of July decorations and refreshments, and door prizes all reflect the theme. It sure was a lot of fun shopping in July and planning this special event.

Now with the excitement of anticipation in the air, how I thank God for our country and for this opportunity to honor him and our beloved United States of America!

Back Cover blurb:

First a runaway. Now running for her life. Won't Jill Shepherd's family be surprised when she returns to Grand Island, Michigan to end their lies and scheme to have her declared legally dead? But when Jill exposes the mastermind behind her intended death, her family's deception may kill any chance she has of remaining alive.

Clay Merrick may seem to be little more than a handy-man restoring homes, but when the former Special Forces operative tracks a brutal killer to Jill's historic house under renovation, he has most of the evidence he needs to bring the killer to justice ... until Jill gets in the way.

When the killer sets sights on Jill as the next victim, it's not just Clay s mission on the line, but his heart.


A long-time fan of romantic suspense, Beth Ann Ziarnik offers her first novel with all the twists and turns, cliffhangers and romantic tension she and readers have come to love. She is a co-founder of Word & Pen Christian Writers in Northeast Wisconsin and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. In addition to her 450 published pieces (several included in anthologies), she is the author of Love With Shoes On, her ten-year devotional column about love in action and based on 1 Corinthians 13.

If you'd like to learn more about Beth, here are some ways to connect:

www. (@bethannziarnik) (Not sure about this link, Jackie. I got it off Google)

How to get the book:

Print and e-book versions available on and print, e-book, and pdf versions available at Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas