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My first published novella, In Focus, just came out. It’s part of a collection Christmastide on Bald Head Island. Jennifer Collins Johnson, Loretta Gibbons, and Rose Allen McCauley are the other authors in this collection. I met these sweet Kentucky ladies a few years ago and we first brainstormed our stories in 2014. It was such a thrill when Forget Me Not Romances gave us a contract to publish our stories.

The core story is about a young woman who becomes engaged to the man of her dreams with plans to marry on Christmas Eve. While preparing for the wedding, her mother, grandmother, and aunt are reunited with their first loves. When she sees true love in the lives of the women who raised her, she realizes the man of her dreams is not the man of her heart.

Here’s the back cover blurb for my novella, In focus:

While taking engagement pictures for her niece, Miranda Jordan runs into Logan Hamilton. Her fickle heart skips a beat until she remembers the intense pain he inflicted ten years earlier. He left Bald Head Island at the most vulnerable time of her life when her father died. Can she trust God to deliver her from the fears that paralyze her emotionally? Does she dare give Logan a second chance at love?

I hope you have as much fun reading our stories as we did writing them.